BeeTrainer is a great tool for parents with children who are either in a spelling bee, or have a list of words they want to help their children learn.

BeeTrainer is for the parent or teacher. A word is presented and you ask the child to spell it. When the child answers you tap Correct or Incorrect and move on to the next word. This isn't an app for the child to use to learn on their own; BeeTrainer is for the parent helping the child through learning the word list.

With BeeTrainer, you always have the word list with you, ready to help your child learn. BeeTrainer lets you enter and update the word list (including by pasting in a list you may have received via email or through a webpage), and then will track progress learning these words.

An at-a-glance pie chart shows the percentage of words that haven't been practiced, have been learned (defined as answered correctly three times in a row), or are problem words. And you can generate a PDF ready to print or email with checklists of words.

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