Resume Designer 1.6.1

A new version of Resume Designer has just been approved and is available from the App Store.  This is version 1.6.1, and is a minor update.

This version focuses on some simple usability improvements.  It's minor stuff, but will help users discover some features that haven't been obvious.  Specifically, there's a hint in the document list that indicates that a long press will reveal a menu with document options (Duplicate, Rename, and Delete), and there's a hint in the list of resume sections that tells how to reorder the list.

Another usability tweak that I've wanted to do for a while is replacing the text field for editing dates with a picker.  Now you can pick the start and end date for a job or education entry (or any other chronological event) without having to type in numbers. 

You can get Resume Designer 1.6.1 in the App Store, or if you've already purchased it, look for updates on your device.