Subliminal Browser

I released a new app recently, Subliminal Browser

Subliminal messages are a fascinating story.  The idea is that quickly flashed messages can be picked up by your subconscious and your brain will parse and act on them.  There's research that shows they work, and research that shows they don't.  I believe they do.

To get the most out of the app requires creating your own messages, which can be really personal.  Some users are very uncomfortable with the idea of someone else in their household, or a guest, opening the app and browsing their messages.  Version 1.1 adds a solution.

Now you can password protect the application in two ways.  You can add a password that's required to launch the application, and you can also require a password to access the application's settings (which is where your messages are).  

Now you can write messages knowing that nobody will see them but you.

Version 1.1 is pending approval, and will be a free update once it's available.