MealPlan 1.6 Released

A new version of MealPlan has just been released.  MealPlan 1.6 adds three significant features:

Repeat Meal

Repeat Meal

Repeating Meals

An oft-requested feature, this lets you mark a meal as repeating every week.  When you turn on repeat, any future meals already configured will be removed and the current meal will repeat.  It will repeat until you tell it to stop repeating (by tapping the Repeat button again on the last day you want the meal to show up).

Meal Item List

In previous versions, when you added a meal item (like "Waffles") to your meal plan and defined some things like groceries or notes on that meal, the only way to get back to it was to find a meal slot where you'd used it and open it from there.

That wasn't very convenient.  So now there's a new "My Meal Items" tab when editing the meals for a day, that lets you see all the meal items you've defined.  There's a little magnifying glass next to each of them that will show you the details, and you can drag them into your meal plan from here.

Recipe Browser

This is something I've wanted since I started building MealPlan.  Now MealPlan has a built-in web browser that you can use to search Google or your favourite recipe sites for recipes, and you can drag those recipes right onto your meals.

Here's what this looks like:


See the little widget next to the address bar that says "Drag to Add"?  Drag that onto one of the meals and a meal item is created and added to that day, and the recipe link is associated with it.  A new pop-up browser lets you view the recipe links you've saved without having to leave the app to do it.

So that's MealPlan 1.6, available now in the App Store.  Go get it!