iOS 7 and 5 Plans

iOS 7 is just around the corner, so I wanted to give a quick update on what our plans are for supporting iOS 7.

Our apps have been tested on and support iOS 7 now, and will be enhanced to add support for new iOS 7 features through free updates.  We're working on this now, and plan to have updates in the App Store around when iOS 7 ships.

Some developers are planning to use iOS 7 as an opportunity to release updates as new paid apps, and I just wanted to announce that we do not plan to do this.  iOS 7 support and enhancements will be free.

iOS 5 support, on the other hand, will be coming to an end in the near future. 

There are a number of bugs in iOS 5 that users run into, and that will never be fixed.  Most of the crash reports I receive are from users running iOS 5.   A tiny percentage of our apps are bought by iOS 5 users, and these users have a disproportionately poor experience due to these old bugs.  

Older versions of our apps will continue to work on iOS 5, but new versions will be iOS 6 or iOS 7.  I realise this leaves the original iPad behind, and this makes me a little bit sad because it was such a beautiful, groundbreaking device.  But it's time to move on.