Adding a Recipe to MealPlan from your Computer

Here's a MealPlan tip.  You're on your computer and you find a recipe that looks good, so you want to add it to your MealPlan database for use in a future meal.

MealPlan is an iOS app, so you need to get the URL over to your iPad. One way to do this would be to copy the URL into an email and email it to yourself. Then on the iPad, copy the URL out of the email and paste it into the address bar in MealPlan.

If your computer is a Mac running Safari then there's an easier way, that can save a few steps, using the iCloud Tabs feature.

On your iPad, open Safari and tap the button that shows the list of tabs. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of tabs, and you should start to see the tabs that are open on your other devices, including your computer.  Tap the recipe when you see it, and it will open on your device.

Now you copy the URL from Safari and paste it into MealPlan's browser.

Here's an article that shows how to access iCloud Tabs in more detail.

I just did this to queue up some great looking cinnamon buns.  Now that's a meal.