MealPlan 2

MealPlan has been in the App Store now for over two years, and has been at the top of its category for much of that time. Customers have been very happy with it, but there are two requests I heard over and over.  Is this available for iPhone?  And, how can I sync my grocery list?

MealPlan 2.0 is a significant update to MealPlan that adds both these things.

The iPhone version is essentially a whole new app, built using the iOS 7 design style with a clean user interface, but it preserves what makes MealPlan unique, which is the streamlined efficiency of getting your weekly meal planning done.

I've been using MealPlan 2.0 for months now and having MealPlan with me in the grocery store has been great. Going to the store with your grocery list automatically generated from your planned meals is convenience, but being able to tweak your meal plan based on what you see in the store, and have the grocery list update in real-time, kicks it up a notch (to use a food metaphor).

Sync is based on iCloud, with some help from Drew McCormack and the Ensembles project. If your phone and iPad are both on the same iCloud account, you can simply turn on sync in both apps. There are no accounts to set up or configure, and your data stays in your own account (although this does mean all the devices sharing your data must be using the same iCloud account - in the future MealPlan will allow sync through other services so that you can share data between different accounts).

This is a major change to MealPlan and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.  Please drop me a note at if you have any problems or suggestions.  Thanks.