BeeTrainer in Grade 5

BeeTrainer is an app I created in 2013, when my son was entered in a spelling bee. The organizers provided a long word list that included all the words that he might be asked to spell. I wanted a way to track which words we'd practiced, and wanted to be able to practice words while we were out and about. I didn't want to carry the paper list with me everywhere, so I created BeeTrainer.

Fast forward three years, and my son is now in grade 5, and is bringing home weekly lists of spelling words. BeeTrainer is great for this.

I recently updated BeeTrainer for iOS 10, and in doing so, was reminded how much work I put into this app. It's designed specifically for the parent or teacher to use to drill the spelling words, keeping track of correct and incorrect answer counts.

You can add a list of words by typing them all in, but it's much easier to use Siri dictation to simply read the word list aloud and have it transcribed into the app. 

Once the words are in the app, you can tap 'Next Word' to have the app pick the next word to drill, based on some simple criteria:  It chooses the next word in order from the word list that has not been Completed.  BeeTrainer keeps statistics for each word, and words progress from Not Practiced to Practiced to Complete. A word moves from Practiced to Complete once it's been successfully practiced 3 times.

If the student spells the word incorrectly, this resets the Practiced count, and the word must be spelled successfully 3 times to move to Complete. 

You can see the counts in the word list, and even a pie-chart view of the statistics for the current word list. You can copy the word list to the clipboard, or even get a printable PDF.