MealPlan supports automatically keeping your devices in sync.  This lets you use MealPlan on iPad to plan out your weekly meals, using a bigger screen and richer interface, but always have your latest recipes and grocery list with you on your iPhone.

Your data is kept in sync using your iCloud account. This is an Apple-provided service that automatically keeps the latest data on all your devices.

Enabling Sync

Sync is not turned on by default. To enable it:

  • Launch MealPlan
  • Tap Settings. This is the gear icon at the top left corner for iPad users, and on the More tab on the iPhone.
  • Tap the Enable iCloud Sync switch.

Once enabled, the status line should show the various steps involved in performing the initial sync.

If the Enable iCloud Sync button is disabled, this means iOS is indicating that iCloud Document & Data Sync is not available. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You aren't signed in to an iCloud account.  iCloud is an Apple-
  • You have iCloud Documents & Data turned off.  Check this in the iCloud section of your device's Settings.

It can also happen due to an apparent iOS bug which causes the application to believe that iCloud is not available on the first launch. If it looks like iCloud should be available, and isn't, then you can try to kill and re-launch MealPlan

Merging Data

When you turn on sync on your first device, all the data on that device will be copied into iCloud and made available to your other devices.

When you turn on sync on your second device, and any subsequent device, the data on the device will be merged with the data in iCloud. This means if you've added recipes on both your iPhone and iPad separately, once you turn on sync on both, all the recipes from both will show up.

But what this also means is the sample data that MealPlan adds when you first launch the app, such as meals on the current day and the following day, will be added again.

If you wish to turn on sync on a second device and not merge that device's data into the data in iCloud, then you can use the Delete All Data option on Settings to delete the MealPlan data before turning on sync.  Make sure you do this before turning on sync, because if you Delete All Data with Sync turned on, all data both on the device and in iCloud will be deleted.

Normal Operation

When you turn on Sync, it can take a minute or two before the initial sync is complete. When everything is working properly, the Enable iCloud Sync item in Settings will show the current sync status underneath it. If this says "Last sync: " and shows a date, then sync is set up correctly.

Any warnings you see here will hopefully be temporary. Because MealPlan uses iCloud, the sync process actually involves first syncing your MealPlan data into iCloud, and then iCloud syncs that data from your device onto the iCloud servers, and then back onto your other devices. 

In practice, this means a change you make on your iPad should show up on your iPhone within about 10 seconds. This can vary, depending on network conditions, and is unfortunately largely out of our control, since this is an Apple-provided service.


We've gone to great lengths to make sync as reliable as possible, but in the event of trouble, here are some things you can do to try to get back in business.

If you find that one device isn't able to sync with the other, and there is an error showing in the Enable iCloud Sync status line in Settings, then you can use these steps to "reset" the data in iCloud.

  1. Back up your MealPlan data.  Tap the Backup Data item in Settings, and mail yourself the MealPlan backup.  Ensure that you receive the email (but don't tap on the backup yet).
  2. Delete MealPlan from all your devices except the one whose data you want to keep.
  3. Launch MealPlan, and in Settings, turn off Sync.
  4. Tap Delete All Data in Settings to delete the data from the device.
  5. Restore the backup, by tapping on your email.
  6. Turn Sync back on.

If you have problems with sync that you aren't able to resolve, please contact and we'll do what we can to help.