MealPlan iPhone

This page walks through using MealPlan on your iPhone to plan your weekly meals and groceries.

MealPlan features a streamlined workflow for planning meals and building a grocery list. Once you understand the workflow, you will be able to plan out a week's worth of meals and build a grocery list in just a few minutes.

When you first launch MealPlan, you'll see a scrolling list of days, with the meals that have been planned for those days.  You can scroll through the list to see what meals have been planned. Tap the status bar to scroll the list back to today.

Tap on a day to bring up the meals panel. This will show you recipes that you've used recently, divided by meal. Recent breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or whatever meals you've configured.

The scrolling day view of your meal plan.

The scrolling day view of your meal plan.

The way you plan meals is by dragging items from this panel into the meal slots in the scrolling list.  Tap and hold on a recipe (like "Burgers") and drag it over the row for "Lunch" on one of the days in the list. It should highlight as you drag over it, to let you know which row you're going to drop it onto. Let go, and that's it - you've planned Burgers for Lunch on Tuesday.

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Not only did this update your meal plan, but it also added the groceries needed to your grocery list. Tap over on the grocery list, and you should see Hamburger Patties and Hamburger Buns on the list. We'll get to how you set up your meals and groceries in a minute.

Tap back on the first tab, and tap on a day to bring up the meals panel again. This time we want to add a new meal, something we haven't used before. Type in something you'd like to add, like "Poached Eggs". As you type, the draggable items change from being recent items to the results of a search for the text you've typed. The results will also include the exact text you've typed, so if you're adding something new, it will show up in the results. Drag "Poached Eggs" and drop it to where you'd like it in your meal plan.

"Poached Eggs" doesn't have any groceries defined. If you tap on the Grocery List now, you'll see a small warning symbol at the top. Tap on this, and MealPlan will show you the meals that don't have any groceries. This warning is letting you know that the grocery list isn't complete. Tap on one of the recipes that doesn't have groceries listed to see the recipe details.

You can use the recipe details view to add groceries and notes, categorize your recipes and even take photos of them. The notes can include hyperlinks, so you can keep track of where a recipe came from by pasting the URL into the notes field.

Help topics common to both the iPhone and iPad versions of MealPlan on the MealPlan FAQ page.