Resume Designer - Adding a Cover Letter

Adding a Cover Letter

To add a cover letter to your resume, tap the Cover Letter item in the main list of sections.  New documents default to not including a resume, so if you want to include one, you will need to turn the switch on, and fill in the details.

Here are some great tips on writing a cover letter and what to include.

Resume Designer follows a standard format for a cover letter, and uses the same fill-in-the-blanks editing that is used for building your resume.  Once you've turned the switch to ON, you will see a list of sections in your cover letter.  These are:

  1. Your Address is automatically filled in from the Personal Information section of your resume.  If you've changed the Personal Information, you tap the button to copy it in from that section again.  You should include your phone number and email address in with your address.
  2. Date is the date you're sending the resume.
  3. Recipient's Address is who you're sending your resume to.  If you don't have an address to put here (for example, because you're submitting the resume online), you can leave this blank.
  4. Cover Letter Body is the main part of the cover letter.  Some sample text is included, but you should personalise this for every prospective employer you submit it to.
  5. Signature appears below the cover letter's body, and can include a handwritten signature, 

Once you've filled in the information, tap Preview to see how your cover letter looks and how well it fits on the page.  You can use the Style item to change text size and margins to fit your letter nicely to the page.

You can print your cover letter by tapping the Action button at the bottom of the list of cover letter sections.  Your cover letter will be included when you email your resume. 

If you want to send your cover letter to multiple people you can make copies of your resume (in the document picker, by tapping and holding on the document icon) and write a unique cover letter for each resume.