iCloud Support in Resume Designer

iCloud Support in Resume Designer

Resume Designer supports iCloud.  This page describes how Resume Designer lets you use iCloud to store documents, and what to expect when using iCloud with Resume Designer.

In a nutshell, iCloud lets you synchronise your Resume Designer documents between devices.  Resume Designer works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  With iCloud, you can work on your resume across all the devices you own.  Build your resume on your iPad where you've got lots of screen space, but then send it out to prospective employers on the go from your iPhone.

Enabling and Disabling

Resume Designer's Settings area includes a switch which lets you turn iCloud support "On" or "Off".  

If iCloud is not available, because you haven't configured it for your device and Apple account yet, the switch will be disabled. If this is the case, then visit the iCloud section of Apple's Settings app for your device and ensure that iCloud is enabled.

When the iCloud switch in Resume Designer is "On", then your documents will be stored in iCloud, and automatically synchronised between any other devices on the same iCloud account.  When the switch is "Off", your documents are stored locally on your device and are not synchronised. 

Before Resume Designer 1.8, documents were always stored locally on your device.

Initial Setting

The initial state of this switch depends on a few things.

When you first run Resume Designer 2.0, Resume Designer checks to see if you have already used the app to create documents.  If you have, then Resume Designer defaults to not using iCloud.

Otherwise, if iCloud is available, then it will automatically be used.

You can check the iCloud in the application's settings, which you can access by tapping the gear icon in the top left corner of the document picker.

Turning On iCloud

If iCloud is off and you tap the switch to turn it on, the documents on your device will be copied into iCloud.  If there is a name conflict with a document already in iCloud, and the document is not identical to the one on your device, then the document is renamed while copying.

Turning Off iCloud

When you switch off iCloud, the documents in iCloud are copied onto your device and the app will stop synchronizing with the documents in iCloud.  Once the documents have been copied, you will be asked whether you'd like to keep the documents in iCloud, or remove them.  You can remove them to free up space in iCloud, but this will remove them from any other devices as well.

Normal Operation

When you launch Resume Designer with iCloud enabled, you will first see the documents that are already on your device.  Then, if you are online, you will see the list of documents change to match what is in iCloud.

Documents will show up with a spinning activity indicator as they are downloaded, and once the download is complete, the icon will show a small preview of the document.

As you work on your document, changes will be automatically synchronized into iCloud.  You don't need to do anything to save the document or trigger the synchronization. It will just happen.

If you have a Macintosh computer using the same iCloud account, your resume documents will automatically show up in the All My Files view in the Finder.


If you edit a document file on two devices at the same time, the latest edit "wins".  Resume Designer does not merge changes from two different edits.  You should be careful not to work on your document on multiple devices at the same time.

Switching iCloud accounts

If your documents are stored in iCloud and you switch off iCloud in your device's settings, you will lose access to your documents until you switch it back on.  if you plan to stop using iCloud, you should move your documents back to your device (by switching off the iCloud setting in the app's settings) first to ensure you don't lose access to them.