Subliminal Browser

Subliminal Browser for iPad

You've probably heard of Subliminal Messages. The concept is simple: Messages flashed quickly are detected by your subconscious and processed by your mind without your conscious awareness. Subliminal Browser lets you use this power for self improvement and personal motivation.

There's long been debate over the effectiveness of subliminal messages. Some studies have shown little effect, but others have shown that they can be very effective in certain circumstances. In a nutshell, they don't seem effective at convincing someone to do something they don't want to do - but they can be very effective when used to reinforce some change in behaviour that you're already working towards.


In other words, they can help you achieve your goals.

That's the theory anyway. I'm not promising that Subliminal Browser will change your life, but I am saying that it has the potential to help you change your life. Everyone is different, and the effectiveness of subliminal messages depends on many things, including the actual messages used, and of course, yourself.

What's unique about Subliminal Browser is that it's approaching this as an experiment. While the app does come with some well-constructed messages for common goals like losing weight and smoking cessation, the real power comes from writing your own messages that are targeted at you, and the specific things you want to achieve.

The app includes something that no other subliminal messaging app does: The ability to share messages. In this first version, if you create a set of messages that have been effective for you, you can submit them with a short description. Once we have some data, future versions of the app will let you browse these messages, and customize and add them to your own device.


  • Uses the standard iPad web browser toolkit for a full-featured web browser.
  • Configurable message size, appearance and display time.
  • Configurable message size, appearance and display time.
  • Set your own home page and create bookmarks.
  • Customizable message categories.
  • Message sharing: Submit your messages to the server.
  • Use AirPlay to watch YouTube videos on your TV with subliminal messages.

That last one is important. You can use any website with Subliminal Browser, including YouTube, so you can even watch videos while the subliminal message overlay is active. And with AirPlay, you can project this video right onto your TV set through an Apple TV.

Use Subliminal Browser to read sites you've marked with Instapaper, search with Google, read books, or anything else that you spend time with every day in a regular web browser.

Download Subliminal Browser, and turn your subconsicous mind into a powerful ally in achieving your goals.