We build apps to help you with everyday, real-world problems.  Resume Designer will help you find a job.  MealPlan helps you answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”.  Checkpoint Timer is a great way to track time for things like races or games.

resume designer icon

Resume Designer is a professional tool for building a great looking resume right on your iPhone or iPad. 

MealPlan icon

MealPlan helps you answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”

BeeTrainer icon

BeeTrainer is a great tool you can use to help prepare your child for a spelling bee.  Track the words to learn and learning progress, view statistics, and print or email word lists.

Pretty Numbers icon, which is smaller due to scaling issues

Pretty Numbers is a simple, beautiful watercolour app that amuses and teaches little girls numbers.  With pleasant music and interactive numbers, our own daughter continues to enjoy playing with this app.

Checkpoint Timer icon

Checkpoint Timer is like having a number of stopwatches in one.  Set up named checkpoints, and easily tap on the big tap target for each checkpoint to mark time. Results are saved so you can track a day’s worth of races or games or whatever, and then export them all later.

Unicode Character Viewer icon, which is not scaled correctly

Unicode Character Viewer lets you explore the world of typography.  Browse every glyph in every font, search by Unicode glyph names, view individual glyphs in all available fonts, and more.  This is a handy app for finding interesting characters to use in text messages, social media, or within apps.


Interactive Times Table icon, the same size as Unicode Character Viewer

Interactive Times Table is two things.  It’s a simple math quiz app, and it’s a times table.  The range of numbers is configurable, so you can start with just a 2 by 2 times table or go all the way to 12 x 12.